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sliding doors scotland

Sliding, Lift & Slide, Folding & Bi Fold Doors Glasgow & Scotland

ALUMINIUM DOORS Glasgow and Scotland

We offer a wide range of aluminium doors in various configuration options.

We appreciate each project has specific requirements therefore we offer everything as made to measure.

All of our doors are tailor-made to your specification to complement the look of your project and create a visually stunning addition to any building, bringing the outside truly inside.

When timescales are tight, we do stock a number of door systems with a shorter lead time with no compromise on quality, our ‘off the shelf’ door systems may fit your needs perfectly.

Every project is different, that’s why we will work with you to ensure that we find the right door system that fits perfectly with your design.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Ease of Use

Aluminium doors are particularly renowned for their ease of operation and reliability of service, slim sightlines and increased maximum sizes as this allows large glass widths which in turn provides enhanced views of the outside and natural light to flood into the room.


We use the highest-quality extruded aluminium alloy then polyester powder-coat our frames for an attractive, durable and low maintenance finish.


Many of our door ranges offer finger safe gaskets to prevent little fingers getting trapped when the doors are closing and magnetic catches that hold the doors in place while you operate them. Our various threshold options to the base of our doors offer solutions to limit trip hazards and can provide wheelchair access.


For external doors, we would recommend a weathered threshold as it has a small lip to create a weather-tight seal.


All of our sliding and bi folding doors offer options of sliding to the same or opposite directions and within our sliding/folding door range. We can also accommodate a single swing door to allow access without the need to open the full door-set.

Our doors can offer an optional feature of mid-rails, which are a horizontal aluminium section at your desired height and offer a split in the vertical vision pane to allow integration of different glass types, panels and/or letterboxes.


Most door products offer hardware items in Black, White, Grey, Silver as standard colour finish.

Sliding, Folding and Bi Fold Doors Glasgow and Scotland

Sliding and bi folding doors can be used in domestic applications as either an alternative to sliding doors or to an entire wall as part of a bar, café or restaurant as the primary advantage of aluminium bi-fold doors is that they can be opened completely to allow you a wholly unobstructed door opening.

Sliding and bi folds can transform an ordinary room into a spectacular and versatile space that becomes a real feature.

They create a glazed feature wall in the closed position providing the maximum ingress of light and provide a panoramic view whilst allowing you to stay warm, dry and secure, then they open by neatly folding in on themselves to provide a seamless transition between the inside and outside with this easy access creating a wonderful feeling of freedom and space that will really open up your room.

These doors have a roller system which allows them to be easily operated with the minimum of effort and offer both stacking inwards or outwards at no additional cost to suit your specific requirements. Since every door is made to order you can be sure of the perfect fit.

You can also install a single access door within your aluminium bi fold foors which can be useful for daily use and can be included in many of the configurations available, offering all the benefits of stylish appearance with useful practicality

Senior Architectural Systems

We have a number of Commercial Glazing Systems to offer and we are delighted to be promoting Senior Architectural Systems product range.

We offer the PURe and Ali aluminium window/door systems can be used anywhere, from commercial to domestic, education to healthcare, new build, refurbishment or retro fit and as they are aluminium product they can be recycled endlessly and can be powder coated externally and internally (single or dual colour) in a wide range of colours.

PURe Slide door system offers door options of inline slide and lift & slide with leaf sizes of up to 3.0m wide x 2.9m high.

It has been designed to take leaf weights up to 160Kg for inline slide, 200Kg for lift & slide, and 300Kg for heavy duty lift & slide and can accommodate double or triple glazing with glazing options from 28mm to up to 52mm.

PURe Fold & Ali FOLD door system offers door options of single and double doors and folding sliding with leaf sizes of up to 1.0m wide x 2.616m high.

It has been designed to take leaf weights up to 100Kg and can accommodate double or triple glazing with glazing options from 28mm to up to 48mm.

Sliding and foldable doors can be designed with either weathered or flush tracks.

Weathered tracks are popular when your property requires a step down to the exterior space, or when the site location will be exposed to the elements.

Flush tracks are used when you need to create a level threshold with your garden and inside space.

Sliding or Lift & Slide Doors Scotland

Our sliding door systems combine stunning aesthetics with ultimate performance and optimum quality and are widely used for their ability to partition spaces and create flexible living zones.

This type of glazed system is ideal if you want to be able to let in plenty of natural light or facilitate the view of outside.

In our experience, customers who have attractive gardens or views from their home tend to opt for sliding doors, and they love the contemporary finish that they provide to the living space.

They are also easy to open and offer fantastic access where this needs to be prioritised or just to allow a little fresh air to circulate indoors and enjoy that sense of being connected with nature.

Sleek and space-saving, sliding patio doors let the light and fresh air stream into your home.

It’s important to note, however, that sliding aluminium doors will not typically offer a complete opening like folding doors and most installations of slidable doors will offer a half to three-quarter opening space.

Sliding doors when in the open and closed position remain on the tracks so do not take up space either internally or externally.

Single (Swing) Double (French Doors – Swing)

We can also offer single and double doors, as either front doors, back doors or french patio doors and all can provide additional options of a glazed panel to the sides or above to create the perfect entrance / exit to any building.

The natural strength of aluminium gives you slim-lines, less frame and more glass and more resistant to the elements.

Aluminium doors offer strength, durability and are highly resistant to corrosion and because aluminium can be more easily formed into many shapes and configurations, it’s able to meet many design specifications that uPVC can’t.

Aluminium doors are a premium product, low maintenance and built to last, with the life span of aluminium being measured in decades rather than years.

Aluminium is very sustainable, endlessly recyclable and very environmentally friendly.

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