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Curtain Walling Scotland


Curtain Walling

Our curtain wall system product ranges have been developed and tested to suit most environments, including low, medium and high-rise applications.

Curtain Walling can be used on any building to allow in large amounts of natural light through unobstructed expanses of glass.

A feeling of space and providing the perfect interface with the outside world whilst maintaining the safety, security and comfort levels of the building’s internal environment for the benefit of its occupants.

Curtain wall systems offer both single and double glazed options and are based around an internal structural box configuration, external face cap and a co-extruded pressure plate which forms a thermal barrier as well as external gasketry to speed up and simplify site installation.

These stick type systems offer ease of fabrication, transportation and on-site installation making it extremely practical and versatile.

Our curtain walling can be complimented by many other products to be found within our range, including windows and doors.


Fully capped (vertically and horizontally)

Silicone Glazed (Silicone seal to either the verticals, horizontals or both)

All of our systems have various structural box depths (mullions and transoms) with section sizes from 50mm to 250mm (50, 80, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250) offering design flexibility.

Low-level curtain walling

Low-level applications can benefit from the use of another system which is semi unitised, zone drained and pressure equalized and offers a slim 50mm sightline, with a choice of 3 mullion and 4 transom depths.

The system is capable of being fabricated into ladders for quick assembly on site and can accept a variety of glazing types - 6mm to 28mm thick.

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