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About Us - Aluminium Windows and Doors Glasgow and Scotland

Whether you are embarking on an ambitious renovation project, or simply looking to revitalise your living space, our glazing systems will provide light, air and adaptable living spaces that meet your requirements. we have the experience and dedication to provide aluminium windows and doors Glasgow and the rest of Scotland loves.

All of our product ranges offer various configurations and options to facilitate even the most bespoke design solutions.

The majority of our product ranges are compatible with each other therefore whether it be windows glazed into a screen/roof or a window and door for an entrance porch we have a product which will accommodate your needs.

When selecting your aluminium framing product for your project the glass specification is key to provide the best level of energy-savings, security, noise reduction and privacy.

Depending on the system selected, your glazing can range from double glazing to triple glazing (with units 28mm to 56mm thick) with a choice of multiple glass configurations offering the highest performance of U-values and the lowest performance of G values which can reduce solar heat gain whilst still achieving the highest of light transmission – ‘speak with one of our glass technical experts to advise you on your optimum selection’.

You can also give each product the look you want by choosing from various options of clear, tinted, solar, decorative or obscured glass along with a vast range of colours available for the aluminium frames.

We have a number of Aluminium Glazing Systems to offer and we are delighted to be promoting Senior Architectural Systems and the Kawneer product ranges.

Senior Architectural Systems Aluminium Windows and Doors Glasgow and Scotland




The PURe® range is a revolutionary new range of aluminium windows and doors which incorporates high insulation polyurethane foam (PUR) as an innovative thermal barrier - preventing the cold from getting in and the heat from getting out allowing ultra-low U-values to be achieved.

U-values as low as 0.71 W/m2K for PURe® windows and 0.93 W/m2K for PURe® doors can be achieved, when calculated as a commercial CEN standard.




Ali VU is a super slimline aluminium window with a polyamide thermal break giving impressive thermal efficiency. Available with a host of design options, Ali VU’s strong super slim frame has a depth of just 38mm (fixed light) or 66mm with standard vent and is available in sizes up to a maximum of 1400mm x 1400mm, to give the widest views and maximise daylight in every room.

Ali VU is ideal for both domestic and large scale residential projects and is perfectly complemented by our Ali FOLD door range. The stepped face option also means that Ali VU is perfect as a modern, energy efficient replacement for heritage style steel windows in both commercial and residential buildings.

High performance polyamide thermal barrier giving U-Values as low as 1.1 W/m2K when calculated as a domestic CEN Standard window. Designed to achieve triple glazed A+ Window Energy Rating; double glazed A Window Energy Rating.

Both the PURe & Ali VU window/door system ranges are a new, simple way to exceed current and meet future building regulations and have been designed to maximise thermal and acoustic performance.

They can be used anywhere, from domestic to commercial, education to healthcare, new build, refurbishment or retro fit and as they are aluminium product they can be recycled endlessly and can be powder coated externally and internally (single or dual colour) in a wide range of colours.

Senior Architectural Systems product ranges also offers:

SF52 series curtain walling

Slim 52mm sightlines and enhanced thermal performance to exceed current building regulations, SF52 is an elegant solution for both ground floor and high rise projects.

All configurations have excellent weather performance, being fully CWCT and EN13830 weather tested and are 100% recyclable with a life expectancy of 40+ years.

SMRF frameless window vents

SMRF frameless window vents are a flush aluminium glazing solution with no framework visible on the external façade.

Offered as Open Out Casement (Top or Side-hung) or Parallel Push windows for use in curtain wall applications

SPW600 series thermally broken windows and doors

SPW600 is a three chamber, 75mm polyamide thermally broken aluminium window system offering versatility with a wide variety of window styles and is available in single or dual colour.

This system offers Fixed windows, Open Out Casement (Top or Side-hung), Inward Opening Tilt/Turn & Overswing.

Kawneer Aluminium Windows and Doors Glasgow and Scotland

AA®3720 Folding/Sliding Door

The AA®3720 Folding/Sliding Door is a solution for projects that demand the highest levels of thermal and weathering performance at a competitive price, with product features and benefits as follows:-

  • Panel sizes up to 1200mm(W) & 2930mm(H) (Dependant upon glass size and weight)
  • A range of door configurations in either open-in or open-out stack variants providing total flexibility for all project applications
  • Slim sightlines and a choice of threshold options.
  • Stainless steel rollers for smooth and effortless operation
  • The polyamide thermal break allows for single and dual colour options.
  • Highly insulated profiles with Uf-values as low as 1.8 W/m2K for frame/vent combinations and uw-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K at the maximum panel size (using 0.7 W/m2K triple glazing and warm edge technology).
  • Suites with the AA®720 Window Series - total design flexibility offering total project solutions
  • Security - The AA®3720 Folding/Sliding Door has been independently tested to PAS 24:2016 using security hardware.

AA®3572 Lift/Slide Door

The AA®3572 Lift/Slide Door is a solution for projects that demand the highest levels of thermal and weathering performance, with product features and benefits as follows:-

  • Panel sizes up to 3m x 3m can achieve large, uninterrupted areas of glazing.
  • Panel weights up to 400kg - can easily accommodate triple and acoustic glazing up to 56mm.
  • 2 and 3 track options - arrangements with up to 6 panels.
  • In line sliding operation for safe operation with no interference with internal finishes.
  • Stainless steel rollers offer smooth and effortless operation.
  • Low profile thresholds giving continuity between internal and external spaces.
  • Thermal Performance - The AA®3572 Lift/Slide Door achieves a double glazed U-value of 1.4 W/m2K and a triple glazed U-value of 0.83 W/m2K.
  • Highly insulated profiles with Uf-values as low as 1.8 W/m2K for frame/vent combinations and uw-values as low as 0.8 W/m2K at the maximum panel size.
  • Suites with the AA®720 Window Series and AA®100/AA®110 Curtain Walling Systems with total design flexibility offering total project solutions Construction Two track and three track lifting/sliding system.
  • Security - The AA®3572 Lift/Slide Door has been independently tested to PAS 24:2016 using security hardware.

AA®720 Juliet Balcony Window & Door System

The Kawneer premium aluminium AA®720 window and door system now has the additional option of an integrated Juliet Balcony.

The AA720 Juliet Balcony can be used in various applications such as high-end self-build homes, residential blocks, offices or commercial projects (subject to loading conditions).

This is a turnkey solution that completely eliminates the need for additional trades, as it is an integrated solution and does not draw support from other elements of the building structure.

As the aluminium extrusion that creates the balcony profile is suited as part of the AA®720 window system, it allows the building designer to create whole elevations of windows and doors with a unified visual appearance.

The Kawneer Juliet Balcony has been fully tested and is manufactured from an optimised number of engineered components, creating a value engineered solution and offering ease of fabrication and installation.

  • Can be designed as French casement or as open in with tilt functionality
  • Choose from single or double door designs.
  • Size parameters- min width – single door is 650mm, max width double door 2 x 1000mm (for wider widths, please consult Kawneer Technical Services)
  • Height to top edge of glazing panel is 1100mm to 1500mm - glazing thickness from 10-18mm (depends upon width and load).
  • Conforms to BS6180:2011 for line and point loads and BS EN 13049:2013 impact test.
  • Fabricated and attached to the main window frame as part of the factory fabrication process - weathered using EPDM gaskets, drained and ventilated system.
  • Can be used in ‘punched openings’ for example in masonry elevations or as part of curtain wall facades.

AA100 (50mm wide) curtain wall system

The AA100 (50mm wide) curtain wall system is a stick-frame assembly with weather performance achieved by drainage and ventilation of the glazing rebates.

The system has outstanding performance and its ease of installation makes it possible to suit individual project requirements.

The AA®100 is suitable for vertical and sloped applications including faceted walls. 

  • The mullion centres can be up to 3.0m
  • Wind-load up to 2400 Pa
  • Maximum weight of infill is 600kg
  • Concealed drainage offers better aesthetics
  • Maximum glazing up to 50mm
  • Large variety of mullion depths which combined with seven thermal break options, including an enhanced thermal performance option, and aesthetic external capping allows a specifier the flexibility of design to make their own statement.
  • Facilitates the integration of opening window products including a concealed vent option
  • HC/VC gasket system provided as an alternative to structural glazed solutions

Kawneer product ranges also offers:

  • AA720 Casement Window
  • AA720 Pivot Window
  • AA720 Tilturn Window
  • GT70 Slimline Heritage Renovation Window
  • AA720TIP Renovation Window (replicates traditional steel slimline windows)
  • AA720 Series Door Systems

Our products can be offered as supply only to you or your trade contractor/builder or we can take on a bespoke one to one design and installation services where required.

Premium quality products and fast efficient service is just part of what you can expect from Living Space Doors.

Whatever your idea, whatever your vision, bring the outdoors in with Living Space Doors.

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